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[150] Contoh Esei Untuk Permohonan Biasiswa

Soalan : 

Sila lampirkan sebuah esei bertulis sebanyak 1000 patah perkataan dalam Bahasa Inggeris mengenai kekuatan diri anda, mengapa anda memilih bidang pengajian yang dipilih dan bagaimanakah nilai-nilai dalam diri anda dapat menyumbang kepada kejayaan Johor Corporation. [Sila gunakan helaian kertas berasingan sekiranya ruangan yang disediakan tidak mencukupi]

Jawapan : 

Growing up as a Johorean of Bugis ethnicity, I have always believed that Johor needs to pool her own professionals, especially in the forms of engineers, economists, financial experts and business leaders. Having seen the state developed all through my childhood, the need for more professionals is ever more important now that Johore is driving towards a developed state by the year 2020.  The need for professionals capable of cross-technical and cross-disciplinary strategies is vital, hence my application to this scholarship programme.

For as long as I can remember, I have always gravitated towards Science and Mathematics. The two subject areas intrigued me and captured my interest, and later became my passion. It wasn’t long before that passion developed into love towards the engineering field, thus my ambition to become an engineer. Engineering combines the theory and application of Mathematics and Science, especially Physics. These are the two subjects in which I excelled at in school, and am most interested in and passionate about. Engineering, therefore, is a perfect medium and discipline for my skills and talents that could result in development that could change the world, in a practical way. Projects I have worked on in my school’s Design and Innovation Club have further drawn me to engineering. Challenges like designing rocket from plastic bottles and solar-powered green car have fascinated me and nourished my innate desire to solve practical problems creatively.

I decided early in my life that I will attain a career as an engineer, since my passion has always been reinventing the world around me and improving the quality of other people’s lives. Therefore, I believe that pursuing such a career will provide me with the opportunity to do just that, and more. My passion and ambition aside, I also want to contribute back to the community that has given so much to my upbringing and personal development, with the knowledge and skills that I have.

Engineers impact almost every aspect of our lives. The buildings in which we live and work, the cars that we drive and even the petrol we use to move the cars. All of these are the work of engineers. Throughout history, engineers and those working in engineering field have contributed immensely to their communities and their countries. Engineers make tools, machines and countless other things to help people improve their lives and progress further. Engineers maintain and improve living standards and quality of life in society. Without them, the world we live in would be a world removed from progress and modernisation.

The scholarship that Johor Corporation is offering is a highly coveted scholarship programme. It offers its scholars the chance to expand their knowledge, broaden their horizons and pursue their dreams without worrying about any financial impedance. It is therefore to be awarded only to candidates of the highest calibre, talent and potential.

I believe I am one.

I believe that I deserve to be selected for your organisation’s scholarship programme because as a hard working student, I will take advantage of the opportunity that the scholarship will provide me. I believe that education is the key to success, and I work hard to excel in it. I am bookish and inquisitive. Learning new things excites me. Everything that wonders my mind, I will research it to understand. I will spend hours on end studying and understanding new things, so that I will not get left behind when the next class begins.
Education, however, comes in many forms, not necessarily in books and classrooms. I try to connect what I learn in class to what people do in real world. For this, I joined the school’s Design and Innovation Club and had been involved in a number of competitions at different levels. The creative ways of solving everyday problems gives me a different outlook on the practicality of the knowledge that I have.

Furthermore, not only that I persistently work hard academically, but I constantly try to improve my own community’s quality of life by doing volunteer work. I believe that for students to develop into future leaders, they must not limit their good selves to school compounds.

It is on this notion that I decided to be a part of the establishment of a non-profit organisation named Persatuan Belia G2 Felda Pemanis (Felda Pemanis G2 Youth Society), a society registered under the Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007 or Act 668. This society, of which I am an active member, is where the younger generation from my humble Felda settlement gathers, and works hand in hand to help improve the community. Along with the local schools, other government agencies (Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and Perbadanan Islam Johor – to name a few) and Institutions of Higher Learning (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi MARA), the society has, over years, provided the community, especially its younger generation, with educational resources, social, recreational and cultural activities, sports training, summer camps, leadership roles and mentoring, and motivational and emotional support. Working with a non-profit organisation also opens up my mind and heart to the need of the people around me, and that the best thing that you can give to others is to give back.  I have learnt that there are times when you must take the lead, and when you need to take the back seat. I have learnt to play as a team, work with people of different ages, gender and social status, share my ideas and argue in a matured and civilised manner.

I am grateful and fortunate to find opportunities like the one that Johor Corporation is providing to aspiring students like me. With the skills, talents and potentials that I have, and the more refined forms of them with years of experience added after I complete my undergraduate studies, I believe that contributing to your company will come naturally. I am hopeful to become one of Johor Corporation’s scholarship recipient, so that I can continue on my pathway to become an engineer, and give back to the people who have made it possible.

Thank you.

Catatan :

Ini adalah esei yang ditulis oleh Mohammad Faiz bin Ahmad, Penerima Kumpulan Pertama, Biasiswa JCorp (JESP – Johor Education Sponsorship Programme) 2015. Beliau boleh dihubungi menerusi email muhammdfaiz97@gmail.com, klik nama beliau untuk terus ke akaun Facebook atau di Instagram beliau. Baca pengalaman beliau melalui proses biasiswa di sini.

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