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[221] Projek Penempatan ARPRM Tahap Emas Siri 5 - Khazanah Dari Tanah Bencah II

Maaf kerana agak lama blog ini tidak dikemaskini kerana menghadapi sedikit masalah teknikal. Entri kali ini adalah berkenaan dengan Projek Penempatan ARPRM Tahap Emas Siri 5 yang telah diadakan pada hujung bulan Disember 2016 yang lalu. Sedikit perkongsian menerusi ringkasan catatan yang dibuat oleh Mohd Arif Mail, salah seorang peserta yang baharu sahaja menyempurnakan ARPRM Tahap Emas beliau.


The Residential Project, completed only at Gold Level, aims to broaden participants' horizons through involvement with others in a residential setting.

Participants have the opportunity to share a purposeful experience with people who are not their usual companions and work towards a common goal, set out by the participants themselves. Through the Residential Project participants will meet new people, explore life in an unfamiliar environment, develop new skills and, hopefully, have a life changing experience.

Examples of Residential Projects

§  Residential language courses
§  Youth camp overseas
§  Voluntary work with national parks, youth parliaments, sports coaching
§  Crew member on a tall ship
§  Work for an international charity
§  Restoration projects
§  Time requirements

The activity should take place over a period of at least four nights and five consecutive days.


Khazanah Dari Tanah Bencah II
Treasure From Wetland II


21 – 25 December 2016

Taman Lokan Melaka,
25 ½, Kg Solok Paya Lebar,
Ramuan China Besar,
Masjid Tanah, Alor Gajah,

Manager                  : Mr.  Zainal bin Haji Md Ali (HP : 017-6735229)

Accommodation  : Camping at Taman Lokan Melaka


To understand the  symbiosis of nature and to contribute to sustaining wetland ecosystem.


§  To conduct  a community service for wetland preservation

§  To act as the agent of learning for the preservation of wetland ecosystem among young generations.

§  To understand the scientific elements behind wetland conservation.

§  To promote the spirit of volunteerism.

§  To qualify as a Gold Holder for Anugerah Remaja Perdana Rakan Muda programme.


§  Residential Project at Taman Lokan Melaka for 5 days and 4 nights .

§  Participants share ideas and conduct activities at Taman Lokan Melaka especially that involve community service, understanding of wetland ecosystem, research and documentation.

§  Partcipants gain knowledge and skills in fauna conservation.

§  Participants finish Residental Project report and present to Ministry of Youth and Sports


Award Authority of Anugerah Remaja Perdana Rakan Muda
§  Persatuan Belia G2 Felda Pemanis
§  Quantum Training Centre

Mr. Zainal bin Haji Md Ali, Taman Lokan Melaka
Johor Youth and Sports Department
Rakan Muda Development Department, Ministry of Youth and Sport
Johor Youth Development Centre, Segamat


§  Internal Assessor           : Mr. Mohd Iftitah bin Ishak

§  External Asesssor          : Mr. Zainal Md Ali


At the end of the residential project, the participants will :

§     Possess a sound understand about wetland ecosystem.
§     Be a able to explain about wetland ecosystem.
§     Learn about the biodiversty that exists in wetland ecosystem.
§     Know basic procedure and technique to build a landscape monument.
§     Clean Taman Lokan Melaka.
§     Clear wetland compound from pollution.
§     Experience howa programme management is done.
§     Learn to communicate well with other people
§     Cope well  with any obstacle along the way.


(Further description is given in Record Book / Diary Book)
11th December 2016
Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  Collected informations about the location
§  Preparation and checklist

15th December 2016
Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  ‘Budget’ meeting
§  Called Pak Zainal for confirmation
20th December 2016
Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  Bought necessary things for the project
§  Final preparation

21st December 2016
Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  7.50 am : Departed for Terminal Bas Segamat
§  8.20 am : Arrived at Terminal Bas Segamat
§   9.30 am : Departed for Melaka Central
§  11.40 am : Arrived at Melaka Central
§  1.30 pm : Departed for Taman Lokan
§  2.00 pm : Bought foods and drinks
§  2.25 pm : Stopped at Parlimen Masjid Tanah Office
§  2.45 pm : Continued movement to Taman Lokan Melaka
§  3.20 pm : Arrived at Jeti Tebing Urut
§  3.30 pm : Went to Taman Lokan by boat
§  4.00 pm : Arrived at Taman Lokan Melaka
§  4.15 pm : Put up banner, set up tents and performed prayers
§  5.45 pm : Searched for woods
§  6.15 pm : Prepared dinner
§  7.00 pm : Performed Maghrib and Isyak prayers
§  9.30 pm: Continued dinner preparation
§  10.45 pm : Dinner
§  11.30 pm : Updated record book
22nd  December 2016
Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  6.00 am : Performed Subuh prayer
§  7.00 am : Updated record book
§  9.00 am : Prepared breakfast
§  10.00 am : Breakfast
§  10.15 am : Went to Pak Zainal’s pond
§  10.45 am : Sharing session by Mr. Zari, a local entrepeneur
§  12.40 pm : Went to mangrove swamp
§  1.10 pm : Explored the mangrove swamp
§  2.00 pm : Returned to Taman Lokan
§  2.15 pm : Prepared lunch
§  3.00 pm : Lunch
§  4.30 pm : Mini Summer Camp closing ceremony
§  6.30 pm : Cleaned the basecamp
§  7.00 pm : Performed prayer
§  9.15 pm : Dinner
§  10.00 pm : Updated record book
23rd December 2016


Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  6.00 am : Cleaned myself and performed Subuh Prayer
§  7.00 am : Prepared breakfast
§  9.15 am : Breakfast
§  9.50 am : Briefing for interview session
§  10.10 am : Interview session
§  10.50 am : Fishing using net with Pak Zainal
§  12.00 pm : Prepared for Jumaat Prayer
§  3.45 pm : Returned to Taman Lokan
§  4.30 pm : Searched for Siput Sedut
§  5.00 pm : Cooked and prepared for exploration
§  6.00 pm : Went to Kota Simpang
§  6.25 pm : Interviewed Pak Zainal about Kota Simpang
§  6.50 pm : Returned to Taman Lokan
§  7.00 pm : Performed Maghrib and Isyak prayers and postmortem session
§  11.00 pm : Fireflies observation and research
§  12.20 am : Went to reflexology garden at Taman Lokan
24th December 2016
Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  6.30 am : Cleaned myself and subuh prayer
§  7.15 am : Prepared breakfast
§  9.50 am : Cleaned Taman Lokan compound
§  1.30 pm : Cleaned fish and prawns
§  2.15 pm : Cooked for lunch
§  3.00 pm : Lunch
§  3.30 pm : Sent off En Ibrahim and went to Mosque
§  5.40 pm : Returned to Taman Lokan
§  7.40 pm : Performed Maghrib prayer
§  8.00 pm : Prepared chicken for dinner
§  10:00 pm : Dinner
§  11:00 pm: Updated record book
25th December 2016
Residential Project 5 : Treasure from Wetland II
§  6.00 am: Cleaned myself and Subuh Prayer
§  7.15 am : Learnt how to make Lokan shell fertilizer
§  9.00 am : Prepared breakfast and cleaned campsite
§  11.00 am : Residential Project 5 closing ceremony
§  12.50 pm : Returned to Pemanis
84 hours 50 minutes


Mohd Nur Amin bin Jemiran


§  Fully responsible for the management of the project.
§  Coordinating the project’s financial aspect with Mentors.
§  Coordinating works and ensuring implementation by all members.
§  Responsible for decision making with Mentors and solving all problems that arise.
§  Acting as the spokesperson for the team.
§  Planning and executing activities with all members.
§  Coordinating liaison with members and other parties.
Mohd Arif bin Mail


§  Coordinating management works.
§  Coordinating preparation of the programme.
§  Documenting the implementation of the programme.
§  Promoting of the project and the outcome through social media.
§  Collecting the output of the project through media for reporting via blog, YouTube, Facebook etc.
§  Producing video CD of the project.
§  Producing multimedia presentation of the project for official use.
§  Assisting the Leader to coordinate liaison with outside parties.
Nurul Asyikin binti Basri


§  Responsible for the project’s financial matters.
§  Coordinating the landscape activity.
§  Assisting Cluster Leader for the Community Service.
§  Coordinating preparation of tools and equipment.
§  Coordinating accommodation and logistics.
§  Assisting Leader and Secretary in decision-making.
§  Ensuring that all necessary tools and equipment for the project are complete and ready all the time.
Mohd Nor Fikri bin Norazmizan

Coordinator for Community Service

§  Planning, implementing and executing activities under the Cluster of Community Service.
§  Working together with all members in every activity.
§  Liaising with the management for the coordination of Community Service activities.

Mohd Azahari bin Abdullah

Coordinator for Welfare and Logistics

§  Ensuring the logistical aspects between members and other parties or stakeholders are well coordinated.
§  Assisting the Leader as the spokesperson for the project.
§  Taking care of the welfare of members, Mentors, Assessors and everyone involved in the project.
§  Working together with all members in every activity.

Pebi Pitri Anasari binti Henrizal

Coordinator for Special Actions

§  Assisting the Leader in decision-making.
§  Hosting the Closig Ceremony.
§  Executing necessary works from time to time.
§  Working together with all members in every activity.
§  Collecting evidence in print or non-print materials for final report.



ARPRM Residential Project has given me the opportunity to:
§  Experience being a secretary for a project and learn how manage a programme from start to finish.

§  Learn to make connections and co-operate with aother people.

§  Appreciate the importance of nature and the need to conserve it for future generations.

§  Build my self-esteem in dealing with new people and managing new assignments.

§  Promote the exclusivity of Taman Lokan Melaka to the mass through media such as Blog, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.


Through this project, I:

1.      Experienced the handling and manoeuvring of boat in the river;

2.      Saw new species of organisms that i never knew existed;

3.      Learnt the technique of net fishing;

4.      Had the pleasure of indulging my taste buds with fresh prawns from the river;

5.      Witnessed the blinking beauty of fireflies in the darkness of night;

6.      Joined pak zainal and the others to search for lokan in its natural habitat – the swamp;

7.      Trekked along the muddy and swampy riverbank and into the jungle, studying and appreciating the biodiversity of the ecosystem;

8.      Immersed myself in the art of playing traditional flute;

9.      Walked down the path to history by visiting the ruins left by the colonials;

All in all, the experience that I have gained from this project has been invaluable and has made me more appreciative of the nature and the world around me.


I have but a few suggestions that may be of consideration:

1.     Taman Lokan Melaka should be listed as a tourism spot for those who love adventure and challenge;

2.     Taman Lokan Melaka should be promoted  not only in Malaysia but also other countries;

3.     More funding for Taman Lokan Melaka for reservation and maintenance works;

4.     The public must be involved in the conservation of Taman Lokan Melaka, especially in keeping it away from pollution and damages; and

5.     The public should act as role models for next generation, to educate them about the importance of nature.


This Residential Project has taught me that there are many things that are of such value even all the money in the world can’t buy. My experience in Taman Lokan Melaka has opened my eyes and given me new perspective to life, and that I should never take things for granted and appreciate the wealth and diversity of nature.

I have also learnt important new knowledge from Pak Zainal and the Mentors about the ecosystem of a wetland and the priceless treasure it keeps. The mesmerising beauty and breath-taking sights that I witnessed are eminent beyond comparison. 

This is the sweet memory that my teammates and I will savour, and tell to the next generations.


I wish to express my uttermost gratitude to everyone involved in the success of Residential Project - Treasure from Wetland II, especially to my Mentor Mr. Armizam bin Abd Rahim, and everyone else. I would also like to extend my special thanks to the dearest Pak Zainal for his unconditional help in making our project an unforgettable moment in our life. Also, I thank all of my friends in this project for helping and understanding each other. Finally, my heartiest thanks to my family for the undying support for me and my obstinate nature of determination to complete the Anugerah Remaja Perdana Rakan Muda Programme.


All photos can be access through Belia Felda Pemanis Facebook



This essay submitted for the application of the
 International Youth Exchange Program 2017

What I Learnt From My Residential Project

The Gold Level of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award requires its participants to complete a Residential Project, where the participants plan and execute a project individually or in a small group. I decided to conduct my project in a team, by the riverbank of Rembau-Linggi at the outskirt of the historic city of Melaka. For five days, we camped and went outback, living within the minimal means of survival.

It wasn’t easy. Even more difficult for a group of teenagers barely of age. We had to plan, un-plan and re-plan as we went through every hurdle and obstacle along the way. Naturally, the knowledge and skills that we have gathered while completing the Bronze and Silver Levels of the award have proven to be invaluable in the face of hardship.

But hardship was not the only face we met. Through this project, we saw first-hand the mesmerising beauty and breath-taking scenes of nature. The river of Rembau-Linggi is a complete package of flora and fauna, a testimony of life and survival. It is the habitat of a motley collection of aquatic life, the source of food for predaceous eagles and crocodiles, the playground for primates and reptiles – a complete ecosystem.

Hardship also brought out the best of us. Everything that we have learnt in our lives – leadership, time-management, teamwork, patience, respect, and understanding, we put all of them to practice while we were there. Going through five days with only ourselves, we learnt to accommodate each other’s needs, complement everyone’s lacks, and step up whenever needs be.

The Residential Project has taught us to appreciate the world we live in, and to be in symbiosis with nature and the people around us. I’d say that we went in as children, and we walked out as adults – matured and reliable.


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