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[233] 2 / 20 : Aku Budak #MatrikDiHatiku : Background of Kolej Matrikulasi Johor (KMJ

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2. Episod 2 / 20 : 'Background of Kolej Matrikulasi Johor (KMJ)

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2/ 20  
'Background of Kolej Matrikulasi Johor (KMJ)'
Aku Budak #MATRIKDiHatiku
oleh Azhari Imran

 Let’s talk a bit about the background of KMJ. What I heard from the seniors and what I read from the internet only had little difference. What’s special in KMJ? What’s the history? What has KMJ achieved? And lastly what is the biggest event held at KMJ?

Firstly, I would like to thank my KMJ senior, Mohd Firdaus bin Zainal. He was a PDT student there from 2011-2013. More specifically, he was in the third module. He was the person that I refer to. Pity him because he had to be patient with me and my questions that I asked him even at midnight, which he would always answer.

From him, I knew many thing about KMJ that Wikipedia did not tell us. Firstly, KMJ is still new and have just been built in March 2002. So, it can be said that KMJ is the new matriculation college among other colleges.  For those that do not know where KMJ is, the coordinate is 2.285317,102.5640037. It is much easier to get the coordinate and copy to your waze apps in your smartphone.

Secondly, he told me to pack all my stuff early. He also advised me to complete all the forms and make at least 3 copies for backups. He also told me about life in matriculation programme. He told me that in matriculation, there are sports that can we can join. He also shared with me that he joined KAKOM in both years that he was in KMJ. He represented KMJ in KAKOM for volleyball.

Apart from Firdaus, my family also supported me to go to matriculation programme, especially my sister. My sister also told me about her experience being a matriculation student. She told me that life in matriculation is struggle and do that I must not be lazy. She also told me about how grade point average is calculated and  the value or credit of each subject.

KMJ is a strategically located college. Why I said that? Because it is near Tangkak town, famously known as the “Heaven of Textile”. The town, though small, has everything one needs as a student.

For your information, for the session 2016/2017, KMJ is the home ground for KAKOM. What is KAKOM? KAKOM stands for Karnival Kokurikulum Matrikulasi. It is just like the MSSD in secondary school. In KAKOM, you can represent the college for the sport that you like to play.

For me, the biggest event in KMJ is when the nasyid group, UNIC came at KMJ in JMCif (Johor Matriculation College Islamic Festival). They sang my favourite songs. I was so excited to meet with them face to face. Until now, I keep the ticket to the concert. It is such a memorable moment that will not be forgotten.

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