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[227] What I Learnt From My Residential Project - By Nurul Asyikin Basri

Catatan oleh Nurul Asyikin Basri untuk apa yang beliau dapati menerusi Projek Penempatan ARPRM Tahap Emas yang telah dilaluinya.

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What I Learnt From My Residential Project

Residential project is all about invaluable experiences, those of which can never be experienced elsewhere. Experiences are not based on how old we are, but willingness to take chances.

In the course of running this project smoothly to the end, I had had to work with other participants on many aspects. We had to figure out our mode of travel, the activities to be done, manage our budget and many more. It really challenged ourselves and at times, put us on the edge of breakdown when some of the activities failed to run like what we had planned. But we learnt quickly that with a little patience and creativity, that no problem is a problem. We figured out that every plan must be supported with back-up plans, and improvisations are essential and have to be implemented whenever and wherever necessary.

I experienced many precious moments during my residential project, Treasure From Wetland 2.  More accurately, I gained new knowledge and skills here. I learnt to survive even in undesirable conditions. We become tough youth that can bear hardship and difficulties.

We also become friendly with nature. We realised the importance of the presence of the nature in our life. If I did not join this programme, I would never know how we can help to save our nature, the floras and the faunas. We experienced many great and unforgettable moments, most memorable for me personally was when we witnessed fireflies at night together with everyone on the team.

Lastly, here, I learnt how older generations helped us to become more knowledgeable in many aspects. I realised that they want us to become more successful that can lead the future of our nation. They want to impart to us many lessons in life, so the knowledge would be carried out through generations. I appreciate everything they gave to us, and I do hope that I can become more helpful and progressive in my life. I want to be like other successful people for myself, my nation and also for this world.

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