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[228] What I Learnt From My Residential Project - By Pebi Pitri Anasari Henrizal

Catatan oleh Pebi Pitri Anasasri binti Henrizal untuk apa yang beliau dapati menerusi Projek Penempatan ARPRM Tahap Emas yang telah dilaluinya.

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What I Learnt From My Residential Project

Residential project is actually one component that I worried so much as I don’t know the starting point to plan it. Fortunately, Mr Armizam help me and willing to do a collaboration with Quantum Training Centre for the project. As Mr Mohamed Rahiman, my mentor already knew Mr Armizam for years, the collaboration and preparations of the residential project became easier.

Before the project, my first mentor advised me a lot for it as he wanted me to do my best and take care of myself. He even lent me his tent and sleeping bags. I feel so grateful for having such kind mentor and guided me a lot about so many things until I manage to complete my last component for the 5 days and 4 nights.

From this residential project, I knew that it was not easy to organise and planned such a big programme. Lots of preparations need to be done and Mr Armizam’s helps really appreciated. For the whole project, I learnt so many things there starting from the basic things until a more complicated matter.

Pak Zainal as the owner of the place treated us very well and he respected us as his guests.  I really like his comments about us. He said our team looked  more cheerful than before as this time we have 2 girls ( Pak Zainal called us ‘Puteri’) I appreciate his comments although we were not as good as the others and lack of knowledge. But we learnt from our lesson and willing to gain more knowledge during the project.

Everything went well during the project and this time we were lucky as we manage to get more fishes and prawns than before. Alhamdulillah, I felt very glad about it. Most of our days there, we eat fresh fishes and prawns.

During the residential project, Pak Zainal always talk to us and give motivation especially about life. I don’t know why but I like to hear his stories about life, his hard works to manage the Taman Lokan with some distractions from the villagers  and the way he overcome his problems. Pak Zainal didn’t care about all this and he believed he can do his best for the Taman Lokan. I hope I can be as tough as him in my future life.

Talking about floras and faunas, Taman Lokan had been my favourite place. I loved to see the green plants, river, fishes and the other sources of the river. Actually it’s hard to see such natural green environment in this development era. We should appreciate what we have now and don’t take it for granted as we will regret it later for not taking good care of the nature.

I know that I’m not taking good care of the nature as the others, but it’s not wrong to improve ourselves and love the nature as people from other country did. We can’t only think of ourselves but we have to think for the others too including the floras and faunas.

This project does give me a lot of impacts to myself. Now I realised that we should get out from our comfort zone and do the best in our life. Everything that we do surely will affected us in the future.

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